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Satori Strings Contest Rules

1. Each participant entering the competitive portion of the contest must submit a copy of a proof of age document

.2. Age placement is determined by the contestant's age on July 1.

3. All entrants must provide a copy of the music they will be performing for the judges.

4. All solo music must be memorized for the contestant to be eligible for a prize or placement.

5. Contestants entered in more than one category must use different repertoire for each category

.6. Individual contestants in Prodigy and Open categories may enter a maximum of three of these categories with the same instrument and may not compete in individual Qualified categories.

7. Individual Qualified category participants may not enter the Prodigy or Open Categories.

8. Ensembles entered in Open ensemble categories may not compete in Qualified ensemble categories

.9. Ensembles entered in Qualified ensemble categories may not compete in Open ensemble categories.

10. Entry in Novelty Solo, Novelty Ensemble, and Essay categories is unrestricted by participation in other categories.

11. Entrants must supply their own accompanists.

12. Duet and ensemble players may not compete more than once in the same category.

13. Duet and ensemble age categories are based on the age of the eldest member.

14. First place winners may not re-enter the same or a lower category the year following their first place win.

15. Decisions of the judges are final.

16. Contact between the judges and contestants, teachers and parents is prohibited before, during and after the contest. Participants must be present at the awards ceremony to receive their awards. Awards left unclaimed at the awards ceremony will be offered to the next runner up in that category.

17. Trophies will be awarded for first through fourth place in each category and age group.

18. Scheduling of competing participants is selected at random.

19. Entry forms should be submitted by June 1.

20. Late entries may be accommodated for an additional $10 processing fee for each contestant.

21. If less than 3 contestants enroll in a particular category age group, that section may be discontinued and the contestants entered in a comparable category.


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